About me

Hi there, I’m Marc—a passionate creative at the helm of technology and design, striving to bring digital concepts to vibrant life.

My expedition into the digital domain commenced in 2014, where I cut my teeth as a UX designer. The allure of crafting seamless user experiences led me down the path of programming, where I spent a decade refining my skills in web and app development. Over time, I evolved into a seasoned Senior Software Developer, navigating the landscapes of both large agencies and agile startups.

I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with distinguished brands such as Deutsche Telekom, Stepstone, Deutsche Post, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche. These partnerships have enriched my understanding of diverse needs and industry demands.

But my journey isn’t solely about individual expertise. I’ve embraced the role of a team leader, steering a group of approximately fifteen talented software developers. This leadership experience has deepened my appreciation for collaboration, communication, and fostering innovation within a team environment.

My expertise spans 2D and 3D design, frontend and backend development, photography, and videography. However, my current focus centers on transforming physical products into captivating digital renditions. Whether it’s rendering products for the web, curating engaging social media content, crafting dynamic presentations, or enhancing print media, I thrive on blending creativity with technical finesse.

My passion lies in translating concepts into captivating visuals that resonate deeply. Through a meticulous fusion of artistry and technology, my aim is to exceed expectations, delivering immersive digital experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Welcome to my creative space—I’m excited to embark on this journey of innovation and visual storytelling together.

Let’s breathe life into your ideas.