ES2020 fixes the Ampersand hell

ES2020 fixes the Ampersand hell

If you are a Javascript developer I am pretty sure you have written things like this in the past:


and JS comes along and slaps you in the face:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'doSomething' of undefined

The reason for that is simple: prop does not exist on object for whatever reason.

Fixing it like 2019

In the past you had to enter something that I will describe as the Ampersand Hell, you had to go through each prop and make sure it exists, you end up with something like this to make sure your script won't crash:

if (object && object.prop && object.prop.doSomething) { ... }

ES2020 to the rescue!

With the upcoming Ecmascript Version for 2020 a new feature will be introduced, called optional chaining. This feature allows to add simple question marks ? behind the props to define them as optional. The fix to the code above would be as simple as:


Notice the .() notation to call optional methods. How great is that? Definitely a feature I have been waiting for a long long time.

I love that, I want it now

Babel has you covered! You can already use it via this plugin:

@babel/plugin-proposal-optional-chaining · Babel
## Example

Unfortunately you have to precompile your code with Babel, but let's be honest: who doesn't?

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