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Stop wasting money on Instagram feed planning services

Stop wasting money on Instagram feed planning services

TL;DR: Click here and setup your own Instagram feed clone for free within 2 minutes!

Instagram lacks a very important feature: you cannot preview your feed. If you care about the overall look and feel of it, that feature can save your ass. Once you published something you cannot change it, you can only delete it and upload again. If you strive for a constant editing look and mood of your images this can be quite hard to achieve. To solve this problem a bunch of services have evolved: they basically provide the ability to upload photos and preview  them on a website that's very similar to the Instagram feed. I am talking about apps like

Of course those services offer more than that and if you find them useful go for it! But if you simply want to see how your feed looks before publishing you should keep on reading.

Introducing a free alternative: Indiegram

So I refused to pay for such an app just to preview my Instagram posts. The feed is basically just a grid of images cropped to squares. So I quickly decided to develop this myself and published it under the name Indiegram on Github. It's just a basic GatsbyJS theme wich fetches data from DatoCMS.

Demo available at

Setting up

What's so special about Indiegram, is, that you can set this up within 2 minutes using the "Deploy to DatoCMS" button. This button uses Indiegram as a starting point, connects to Netlify for hosting, connects to your Github account to clone my repository and then sets up a new database on DatoCMS. So all you need to do is

  • Sign up at Github
  • Sign up at Netlify
  • and... (damn I cannot link images in Ghost)
hit this button on

Adding posts

So once you setup your site on DatoCMS you will basically just have a Feed and Posts. On the feed you can add information  like your username, bio, avatar, website and such. Just to make it look more like your original feed on Instagram. A post can have one or more images, a caption and a location. That's it. Super simple.

Potential features to consider

If there is an interest (just star my repository on Github to let me know) on this I'd probably add more features. For example I could imagine rebuilding the existing Instagram filters so you can try how those would look on your images as well. Also very interesting is the idea behind webmentions: I could imagine building something like a self hosted Instagram website where you can still like and comment on others.

Marc Mintel

Marc Mintel

Marc Mintel is a self taught JavaScript and Frontend Developer with heavy focus on React and Vue.

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