Why did I start a blog with Ghost as a web developer?

Why did I start a blog with Ghost as a web developer?

So here it is, my new website, which I've created within 20 minutes. And I have mixed feelings about this. I spent years and years on learning software development especially for the web. I know the ins and outs of HTML, CSS and I love JavaScript. I developed complex projects, single page applications, simple content sites. I've used Vue and React, I've customized existing content management systems... I even created such a system from scratch. Yet I decided to use Ghost with the standard theme for my personal website. Here's why.

I am a perfectionist

That may be good or bad but when it comes to your own website it's mostly bad. I don't know how many versions of my own website I've started to develop and never finished. Sometimes it was just too complex, sometimes I wanted to create things I would never need, sometimes I was already done and created new problems, because I had to tweak the last tiny bit. I was never happy with my own site because there was always something I wanted to improve, but it simply wasn't worth the time.

I thought I have to develop my own site

A developer should develop his own website, right? I mean it's the same reason every mechanic created his very own car or every carpenter doesn't have IKEA furniture. Obviously that's not true and so it is for developers. Web development takes time and even more important: it needs maintenance. At the time of writing this article I am working full-time as a frontend developer in an internet agency. When I come home after around eight hours of sitting in front of my computer, starring at code and trying to find solutions to complex problems.. I simply don't want to do the same stuff in the evening of the same day.. not for my own website. It should be fun and I want to concentrate on the content.

I need my own space

Still I need my own space on the web. In the meantime I've published some articles on Medium and some of them even worked very well. The amount of traffic you gain from Medium is simply insane. However writing on Medium as a software developer is not that convenient, because code is not formatted nicely. Yes you can embed gists and such but that's a lot of work and not a lot of fun. Writing on Ghost feels very similar, but you can run Ghost on your own website and formatting code is super simple. You just have more control. Yet I don't want to change too much, so Ghost is a nice fit for me. But for me it's even more important to grow my own audience even though I gain lots of traffic on Medium. At the end of the day you  work for Medium and not for yourself.

So this was just a little intro on this new blog. In the future you can expect articles about mostly everything related to Javascript development, especially based on my own learnings and experience.

Marc Mintel

Marc Mintel

Marc Mintel is a self taught JavaScript and Frontend Developer with heavy focus on React and Vue.

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